“Building is in My Blood” – Our Newest Apprentice Builder

Written by RJT intern, Savannah Wafford 

A few years ago RJ Thieneman chose to continue to grow as a family-run business by creating the Apprentice Builder Program. The company wants to extend their business to the third generation by teaching them the ins and outs of home building. In this program a third generation family member works with a mentor builder over the course of two years. During these two years the apprentice builder works with their mentor and other professionals in the building industry and has the opportunity to build their own custom home.

In the beginning of 2017, the first apprentice builder – Stacy Conley, finished building her first home in Rock Springs. With the success and sale of the first Apprentice Builder Program home, RJ Thieneman was ready to take on another apprentice builder. The second family member to participate in the Apprentice Builder Program, Brent Klein is ready to start building his home after spending most of his life in the building industry.

RJ Thieneman Builder Apprentice Program RJ Thieneman Builder Apprentice Program

Brent’s mother is Pamela Thieneman Davis, a member of the second generation of Thienemans, so Brent grew up around construction, real estate and the building industry. Being in the plumbing industry for many years and a small business owner, Brent felt like it was a natural fit for him to join the program. He has already started working with his mentors, Mike and Leo Thieneman of Leo Thieneman & Sons.

When asked why he decided to participate in the program,  Brent said, “Building and construction is in my blood.” He went on to explain that being a part of the Thieneman family comes with a natural love of building, construction and the real estate. He is excited to continue his work with the program and start construction on his first home. His first home will be  built in Rock Springs. He hopes to mix things up by building a two-story home, instead of a ranch or one and a half story home. He says he is looking forward to having fun with building his first home!

Check back here for more updates on the Apprentice Builder Program and Brent’s first build!