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Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Building vs. Buying; the age old question. What is the best option? Well, there might not be a concrete answer. It all depends on location and your personal taste. At RJ Thieneman we work closely with the area’s top-rated builders …

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Welcoming Regency Centre to the Family!

Written by RJT employee, Remington Colbert What a year! We opened River City Storage as our first self-storage facility, and now we have acquired another shopping center! Regency Centre in Lexington, KY is a perfect addition to our portfolio. Like …

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How to Unify a Neighborhood

Written By RJ Thieneman Employee, Remington Colbert Pre-planned Communities and well designed housing developments usually have some sense of cohesion and unity. Now I am not talking about the individuals living with in it, but the visual look of the …

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A Family Affair

Written by RJT employee, Remington Colbert It is very well known that RJ Thieneman built a reputation and business around his strong family values. Today, decades have past, and now the third generation of Thienemans are getting involved in the …

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Celebrate America

Written by RJT employee, Remington Colbert The Fourth of July is one of the favorited times of the year with in the United States. It is the celebration of our country, our diversity, and our culture. This is the time …

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