We’ve got a reputation you can build on.
We are a local leader in single-family neighborhood development,
commercial and multi-family development, and are also a
property management company and full-service real estate brokerage.




 “We put the $700 down and got a loan on our first house.”

In 1954, R.J. and his friend, Fred Slater got their real estate licenses and went into the building business. He had $350 and I had $350. We put the $700 down and got a loan on our first house.

The Archdiocese of Louisville chooses RJ Thieneman

St Thomas entrance
In 1985, the Archdiocese of Louisville selected RJ Thieneman Realty Group to develop the land that was formerly home to the St. Thomas Seminary as The Woods of St. Thomas. As members of the Catholic Church, the Thieneman family took pride in paying homage to the school by not only naming the development “The Woods of St. Thomas,” but also by naming a major connecting road, between Highways 22 and 42, “Seminary Lane.”

A John Robinson Lifetime Achievement Award

In 1997, Robert J. Thieneman, Sr., was honored by the Home Builders Association of Louisville with its inaugural John Robinson Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Villas of Forest Springs & Saratoga Springs are born

Villas of Forest Springs
Villas of Forest Springs multifamily apartments were developed in 2000. That same year, RJT hosted Homearama at Forest Springs North. Saratoga Springs is developed the following year, in 2001.

“… decades of working side-by-side with their fathers”

Thieneman Reality for Louisville Magazine in Louisville, Kentucky June 25, 2015 Photo by John Sommers II ©2015 John Sommers II Photography John Sommers II 5423 Pawnee Trail Louisville, KY 40207 (502) 592-8523 jpsii@aol.com www.sommersphoto.com
In 2006, Brian Thieneman was named CEO and Bob Thieneman, Vice President. The organization has since been under the direction of second-generation leadership that continues to follow the principals and practices of their patriarch, instilled through decades of working side-by-side with their fathers in the business.

Growth continues as Rock Springs and Northcrest Plaza are added to the mix

Rock Springs entrance
The neighborhood of Rock Springs was also developed in 2006. Shortly following, RJT expanded their reach into Elizabethtown, KY, by purchasing Northcrest Plaza.

RJT leads by example

In 2008, RJT developed Legends at Saratoga Springs as Louisville’s first ENERGY STAR-only community.

“Transaction of the Year’ for 2010 …”

Franklin Kroger before remodel
In 2010, RJT acquired Franklin Square Plaza. CCIM Kentucky Chapter ‘Transaction of the Year’ for 2010.

“Hosting Homearama”

Homearama was held at the Reserves of Rock Springs in 2012, as well as in Rock Springs the following year, in 2013.

“The Woods of Glen Oaks”

Glen Oaks entry
The Woods of Glen Oaks was developed in 2013.

RJT receives recognition

Bob Builder of the Year
In 2013, Bob Thieneman, Jr. was elected President of the HBAL. Later in 2014, he was honored by the BIA with the Elmus S. Ussery Builder of the year Award.

“Major expansion began …”

RJT acquired Kroger Plaza in Winchester, KY in 2014. Major expansion began at the Shops of Forest Springs during this year as well.

Keeping things in the family

In 2014, the third generation became more involved in the organization by attending board meetings and learning more about the company.



The Present

RJ Thieneman continues to strive and grow as a company. Their values remain the same as they did when the company first started.