There is much to consider when exploring your options in the housing market. Is it the right time? Can I afford it? Is it better to buy a new home or renovate it? Should I buy a new construction home? Do I even have time to build? ​Although resale homes typically are found in established neighborhoods, there are advantages to being in a new construction community. 

We are here to help guide you through some reasons for building a new home vs. buying an existing home that might be right for you.

Advantages of Buying a New Home

1. The Perfect Floorplan
​Home plans follow trends, just like everything else. Compared to the homes of yesteryear that delivered boxy, dark layouts with lots of closed-in spaces and not much closet space, homes today tend to lean towards bright, open plans with flexible spaces designed for how people live today. Building allows you to pick the floor plan that meets your needs.

2. Built to Suit Your Needs
​You can get what fits your lifestyle! Many new homes already come with a substantial included features package, but having the ability to pick what you want is fantastic! You can truly personalize the home when you build it from the ground up. From selecting structural options to customizing interior features like flooring, cabinets, and paint, get ready to have it your way.

3. Brand New
It has never been lived in—by anyone, ever! With a used home, you never know how clean the last person that lived there was or what condition they left it in. There is something to be said for being the first to park in the garage, first to roll around on the carpet, and first to cook in the kitchen. Plus, there is no history or mystery to worry about in a new home.

4. Low Maintenance
​A new home should have less maintenance. It will have new appliances, plumbing, air conditioner, etc., so there should be fewer out-of-pocket expenses on repairs. Plus, you should not need to remodel a new home like you might find necessary with an older home. You should not have to lift a finger or a paintbrush!

​5. High Efficiency
​A new home is more energy efficient than a used home. Unless an older home is updated, it is not built the same way homes today are built with all the newest energy-efficient components. Many new construction homes have a third party certifying that the new home meets (or exceeds) energy standards.

6. Protection Guaranteed
​All our builders are registered with the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville and offer a minimum 1-year warranty with every custom home at closing.

​It’s important to note that the timeline of building a new home is longer than purchasing an existing home, but if you are on a time crunch, check out our inventory of new homes! This way, you still get all the benefits of a new house but can move in faster and enjoy your beautiful new construction.