When building a custom home, an important consideration for parents is making sure it’s perfect for their whole family. Designing a home with their child’s safety, interests and happiness in mind will help make it a comfortable home for all to enjoy. Here are a few top features of a kid-friendly custom home:

Mudroom: A mudroom is a small room, usually attached to or near the garage, that’s used as a place to remove wet/dirty clothes or muddy shoes before entering the house. Most are designed to include cubbies for each family member to hold their belongings. Having a mudroom will work wonders in helping to keep your home clean and clutter-free.

Separate Bedrooms: For younger kids, sharing a bedroom is not a big deal—they may even enjoy it. But as they grow older, it’s nice for them to have their own space and privacy. Designing your home with this in mind will prepare you for the present and future. Another thing to consider is if you want your children’s rooms on the same floor as your master suite. For many families with young kids or couples planning to start a family, this is an important feature.

Play Space: Kids love to play both inside and outside of the home. Your custom plans may include a playroom or game room, or, outdoor space for a swing set and basketball goal. Features like this give children dedicated play areas and help keep your other rooms free of toys, crafts, etc.

Storage Space: Another benefit of building custom is you can work with your builder to include lots of storage space in the home. Along with kids comes an endless stream of toys, books, sports equipment, clothes and more. Having extra closet space, shelves, and built-in storage will give you plenty of space to hide these items away. It’s a great way to stay organized and help reduce clutter.

Easy-to-Clean Materials: Let’s face it, kids can be messy. So why not design your home with that in mind? Talk to your builder about using materials that are easy to maintain, like washable interior paint. Other examples include carpet tiles, which are durable and easy to remove and clean, and hardwood flooring that can withstand heavy traffic.

Designing your dream home is an exciting task. With these tips, you can craft a custom home that’s perfect for the whole family!