When opening a brick-and-mortar store, it’s important to pick the perfect location. Determining the right place for your business to thrive is key. Variables such as location, foot traffic, proximity to main roads and other businesses, and cost should all be considered before making that decision. An ideal location for many businesses is a grocery-anchored shopping center, where a grocery store acts as the anchor point for a center of commerce. Here are just a few businesses that benefit from being part of a grocery-anchored shopping center:

Gyms and Fitness Studios: There’s no shortage of different gym and exercise studio chains throughout the country. Many people try to visit the gym at least a couple times per week, just like a grocery store. Placing a gym in a grocery-anchored shopping center will allow customers to get a workout in and tackle other errands they may run during the day, such as getting groceries.

Coffee and Ice Cream Shops:  Grocery-anchored shopping centers have a lot of foot traffic every day. That makes them a great spot for a coffee shop or an ice cream parlor—two businesses that rely heavily on foot traffic. Many customers like to grab coffee or ice cream regularly, so placing a store near one of these centers will help draw in repeat customers.

Liquor Stores: While many grocery stores may sell a limited selection of beer and wine, most do not sell liquor. Because of this, many liquor stores have taken up space in grocery-anchored shopping centers.  Operating a liquor store in one of these centers allows customers to choose from a wider selection of alcoholic beverages while getting the rest of their shopping done.

Jewelry Stores: With the rising trend of e-commerce, one brick-and-mortar store that is still thriving is the jewelry store. Because of the price and unique qualities of their products, most jewelry sales are still done in person. Placing a jewelry store in a grocery-anchored shopping center makes for a convenient location with lots of traffic to pull customers from.

Restaurants: By placing a restaurant in a main commerce area, you can serve all the hungry customers that frequent the shopping center. And, most grocery-anchored shopping centers are located near large residential areas, allowing restaurant owners to tap into an even wider customer base.

When it comes to picking a location for your business, it’s crucial to make the right choice. A grocery-anchored shopping center offers plenty of customers, lots of daily traffic and a convenient location with ample parking. If you’re looking for a space to lease in a grocery-anchored center in Kentucky, check out some of our available listings.