Building vs. Buying; the age old question. What is the best option? Well, there might not be a concrete answer. It all depends on location and your personal taste. At RJ Thieneman we work closely with the area’s top-rated builders and are happy to relay some of the benefits of building a new construction home.

Custom, Custom, Custom

When custom building, you have full control over what you want in a home. You have input on all of the upgrades, finishes, flooring, tile, hardware, counter tops, sinks, etc. and can build your home around your taste and style.

Perfect Floor Plan

When looking to for a new home, you may not find a layout or floor plan that meets your needs. Over the years, style and design changes, and it may be hard to find the features you’re looking for. Building from the ground up allows you to select the perfect floor plan for your lifestyle.


Greener Focused

Older homes were typically built without the environment in mind. Today, building trends focus more on the harmony of the new residents settling in the nature around them. Advancements in technology have allowed for more environmentally-friendly building techniques. For example, the cost to install solar panels on a new home is more affordable than retrofitting them into an older structure. And, with improvements in home-building products, new homes are better insulated, have higher quality finishes and are built more efficiently.

Less Short-Term Upkeep

New homes do not need nearly as much maintenance as older homes. With a new roof, windows, HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, etc, the likelihood of major issues or replacement of things is unlikely.

If all of these benefits sound good, new construction may be a great option for you—and can lead to the home of your dreams. Interested in a custom home? Check out our newest residential development, The Woods At Landherr.