There is nothing better than moving into a new home and having your dream kitchen right down the hall. We all have that vision of our perfect kitchen but we may not know how to make it come to life. You might know exactly what you want or maybe you’re not quite sure. Whether you’re moving into a new home or looking to remodel your current one, here are six of 2019’s most popular kitchen design trends to help inspire you.

  1. Natural wood tones: Wood used in the kitchen creates a warm and welcoming environment. While seemingly connecting you to nature, it also provides a lighter and more airy space for a family to enjoy. Wood is also a timeless and versatile material that everyone loves.
  2. Open shelving: Open shelving brings a fun and creative spark to a kitchen. Replacing upper-cabinet shelving with wood, metal or glass is happening in more and more homes. Open shelving creates a bold statement in your kitchen. It’s something that will catch the eye of any guest and provide easy access to your dishes and glasses.
  3. Contrasting textures: Combining textures and sleek finishes is one of the most interesting trends and it’s proven to be quite a hit among homeowners. Think chunky marble counter tops and bulky matte cabinets along with mirrored back splashes. Sounds visually interesting, right?
  4. Colorful accents and upholstery: Color is in style! There is no longer any reason to be scared to add color to your kitchen, whether it’s red cabinets or blue stools, a pop of color is always fun. It’s a great way to show a little bit of personality and stay on point with current trends.
  5. Creative ceilings and light fixtures: We all love a good light fixture. Well, lucky for us hanging pendent lights and wooden ceiling beams are in! It’s a fun way to add visual interest and make your kitchen stand out from others.
  6. Invisible cabinets and appliances: The concept sounds a bit strange but people are starting to gravitate more towards the idea of concealed cabinets and appliances. Handles are gone, making way for push-open cabinets. Appliances are being built into the wall in order to blend in to the room and help create a sleek-looking kitchen.

One of the most-used rooms in a home, kitchens tend to bring everyone together. As we move into the new year, incorporate some of these design trends into your kitchen and make it uniquely yours.