Have you always wanted to build a custom home? Or maybe you’ve been searching through tons of resale homes and just haven’t found what you’re looking for. Either way, building custom is a great way to make sure your home fits your family and your lifestyle. You’ve chosen the perfect subdivision to build in. Now you need to find a builder. Here are some important things to consider when selecting your custom home builder.

  1. Determine your needs and budget. Are you building a small starter home or a large luxury home? Is your budget $250K, $500K, $900K+, or somewhere in between? Some builders will build all types of homes and some specialize in building only certain types. Get online, view builder websites and look at the floorplans they offer, as well as photos of homes they have built. This initial research should help you get a feel for which builders would be a good fit for your needs.
  2. Confirm builder is licensed and insured. Some states require that contractors be licensed or registered. It’s important to find out what your state requires and choose a builder that meets those requirements. Also make sure to ask about the insurance the builder and his/her contractors carry to confirm you’re covered during the entire building process.
  3. Find your style fit. If you already know what style home you want, look for a builder that has experience in that type of design. For example, do you want a Cape Cod, Craftsman, Ranch, Farmhouse, Modern, or Contemporary home? Many builders showcase their portfolio of completed homes on their websites. Scroll through their photo gallery and make sure what they offer aligns with your taste and style.
  4. Ask for references. A great way to get valuable feedback on a builder is to speak with their past customers. If they don’t offer up any references when you meet, just ask for them. Most builders are happy to oblige. When talking with these references, ask questions like “would you work with this builder again?” and “would you recommend them to family or friends?”. This way you’ll know you’re working with a builder who has a solid reputation.
  5. Do a quality check. Some builders will have model homes that you can tour, or, they may be currently building a spec home that you can preview. If possible, take advantage of such opportunities. You’ll get a close look at the materials used and the quality of craftsmanship that went into the home.

Keep these helpful tips in mind and you’re on your way to selecting the right builder to create your dream home. Looking for somewhere to build your home? In The Woods at Landherr, The Reserve at Fox Run and Rock Springs, we work with Louisville’s finest custom home builders. To learn more about RJ Thieneman communities, click here.