You may have noticed a significant change in the way people have decorated their homes throughout the years. Or maybe you don’t notice. Regardless, home decor is like fashion… some trends come and go, others stay and are still around today. Here are some of the most unusual ones we noticed:

  1. Shapely Sofas
  2. Major Art Deco
  3. Extravagant Mirrors
  4. Bright and unusual colors on the walls
  5. Shiny dark tiles
  6. Chandeliers over dining tables
  7. Florals and frills
  8. Angled furniture legs
  9. Terra cota floor tiles
  10. Bold prints
  11. Pops of color
  12. S- shaped tables
  13. Gold and white bathrooms
  14. Sun porch
  15. Television centerpiece
  16. Wild patterns for wallpapers
  17. Geometric patterns and animal print decor- plenty of mix and match! (think Friends)
  18. “English” look w/ white wicker/florals
  19. Exotic decor especially Moroccan
  20. Romantic florals