Franklin Square: Retailer Update

There’s been quite a lot of activity in Franklin Square. Several new offices and business have or will soon open their doors to the public at our Franklin Square shopping center in Frankfort, KY. Among our newest arrivals are Feeders Supply, the Army-Marine Corp Recruitment Center, and Tuesday Morning.

Franklin Square Feeders Supply

Opening in November, the Franklin Square Feeders Supply is one of the newest locations in the region. The family-owned business has been serving local pet owners all across the state, and now Frankfort, KY can enjoy the pet washing stations and the one-on-one experience that Feeder Supply offers. For more information about Feeders Supply, visit their website HERE.

The Army-Marine Corp Recruitment Center recently opened in Franklin Square. The space, shared jointly by Army and Marine Corp recruiting officers, is currently open and available to the public. Further information regarding Army recruitment can be found HERE, while Marine Corp recruitment information can be found HERE.

Tuesday Morning, one of the newest businesses in the area, is currently finishing its storefront and detailing inside. The discount home goods retailer hopes to be open to the public by mid-summer 2016. Further details can be found on their website HERE.

Franklin Square Tuesday Morning