RJ Thieneman announces the opening of a new section in its Rock Springs development in northeastern Jefferson County. Section 3a consists of 35 custom home sites, including several wooded walkout lots, a common area and a second entrance to the subdivision. The newly landscaped entrance is on Hitt Road, about a quarter-mile north of Hwy. 22, allowing access through the western side of the subdivision via Pebble Creek Drive. Engineering is currently underway in Section 3b, which is expected to open in early 2011.

The Rock Springs subdivision main entrance on Hwy. 22, about a mile east of The Summit, features an award-winning waterfall design that has drawn quite a bit of favorable attention to the subdivision since it opened last year. It is not uncommon to find the occasional photographer using the entry feature as the backdrop for family snapshots.

Rock Springs offers a unique collection of home styles, below-market financing program and simple home-purchasing process. So, it has come as no surprise to the developer and its family of custom home builders that Rock Springs has emerged as one of the most popular new residential developments in the area.