Custom Home FAQ

Is the lot cost included in the home price?

In our developments, yes, it is one price. The sale price includes the lot and home.

How do I select a builder?

We work with a select group of builders in each of our communities and have new construction specialists that will help partner you with the right one. They can take you to see other homes and arrange meet and greets with builders to find the best fit for your style and needs.

How long will the building process take once we start?

The average custom build takes 7-9 months from start to finish, weather-dependent.

What warranties are provided with a custom home?

All of our builders are registered with the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville and offer a minimum 1-year warranty with every custom home at closing.

How do I secure financing to build a custom home?

Our new construction specialists work with mortgage reps all the time and are happy to recommend one to you.

Do I need homeowner’s insurance while building a home?

Our builders carry their own insurance which covers the home during the building process. But you will want to consult with your insurance company to confirm your interests are protected.

Are custom homes energy efficient?

Yes. Custom homes are built with this in mind, including energy-efficient appliances, windows and HVAC, so your utility bills and overall comfort should be much better than if you were to purchase an older home. And since you’re customizing the home, you can work with your builder to select additional features that maximize energy-efficiency.

Are you allowed to purchase your own appliances or fixtures?


Is landscaping included in the home price?

Yes. In RJ Thieneman communities, we require builders to include landscaping for all homes.