A Family Affair

Written by RJT employee, Remington Colbert

It is very well known that RJ Thieneman built a reputation and business around his strong family values. Today, decades have past, and now the third generation of Thienemans are getting involved in the real estate development world. With many new and exciting projects on the horizon, the more family involved, the better things will be! By working closely together, the family will always have a deep bond and interaction. Now, with the arrival of Baby Jack, we have to start the training early. This week, Jack stopped in to say hi to dad! Everyone at the office was excited to meet him and have a nice laugh with an absolutely adorable little boy.

As you can see here, this 6 month old is already sitting at the Executive Desk. He has some big shoes to fill. Brian, a very proud father, shows Jack his office, and subtly getting him interested in becoming the new CEO. Who knows, maybe he will become our next Apprentice Builder, or Controller, or even the next CEO. Whichever path he chooses, he has fantastic mentors, a strong support system, and an unbreakable love. So the question to Jack is…what would you like to do?