Kitchen Organization Idea

Kitchen Organization in Small Spaces

If you are like me, you probably do not have adequate storage in the kitchen for the pots, pans, dishes, cookware, snacks, veggies, etc. And at the moment your cabinets are bursting at the seams. Luckily, there are solutions that will help tame the kitchen clutter. And the best part is it costs very little!

1. Mount pot lids on cabinet doors with command hooks

This is a great space saver. It frees up a pile of lose lids that always get caught in everything else. Plus it prevents from scratching.

2. Create your own measuring cup rack

This example is easy to read, there is a measurement reference chart, and it looks aesthetically pleasing.

3. Mini-magnetic containers for spices

This is a huge space saver. To help with convenience, add some decorative labels to find what you need quickly. If you are the type of person who likes to hang things from the fridge, these can have a dual purpose!

4. Paper file organizers have a dual purpose

This makes for an easy way to organize cookie sheets, baking trays, pizza stones, or muffin molds.

5. Small tension rods in cabinets

These can make your cabinet into perfect cubbies, especially for those big and bulky items.

6. Mini storage bins can help tame that pesky plasticware drawer

Trying to find a container and a matching lid reminds me of playing “Where is Waldo,” luckily with proper organization Waldo woul not be able to stand a chance.

7. Make sure things do not spoil

Specifying what should be consumed or used first saves money that could have been wasted.

8. Lazy Susan in the fridge

This adds for quick access to whatever cold item you need. Plus it makes it super easy to clean the fridge when it needs a good wipe down.

9. Binder clips on wire shelves

Prevent your beer and other bottles from running away! This trick works wonders!

10. Plastic bins for uncooked meat

If you are nervous about contamination, or just want things very organized, this is a great way to see what you need, yet keep it away from everything else.

11. Magazine files for freezer shelving

Help declutter those bags of frozen vegetables and ice packs. This will help you find things quickly and easily.

12.  Over-the-door shoe organization

Find your guilty pleasures and other dry good quickly. Never pass up the opportunity for that sleeve of Oreos.

13. Binder clips and command hooks are a great combo

Keep seasoning packets and drink mixes from getting lost in between everything else.

14. File organizers are multi-use items

They make for great organizers for beats, potatoes, onions, and other things that do not need a cold environment.

Try these out to see if they help, and who knows, maybe you will come up with your own system that is equally creative!