RJ Thieneman Foundation

RJ and Faye Thieneman had compassionate hearts. After their passing, their children created the RJ Thieneman Family Foundation—a legacy to remember them and to continue their philanthropy in the Louisville area. The foundation has grown to exemplify the family’s mission of charity and compassion. Over the last two years the Foundation has helped over 20 local charities covering everything from wellness, housing, and the arts. The family hopes to grow this Foundation tenfold to better ensure the quality of life for Louisvillians and the vitality of the organizations they support.

RJ and Faye spent years instilling the same compassion and understanding of the world into their children. Today, that emphasis for the greater good has taken shape in the form of the RJ Thieneman Family Foundation.

The family takes a hands-on approach when working with the organizations they support. The work of the Foundation has already shown positive impacts in the community. Learn more about the RJ Thieneman Family Foundation.