9 Tips for Cozy Living

Having trouble sprucing up your small living space?

  1. Go with curtains. You don’t have to live with those standard-issue apartment blinds. Fill the room with some drama with gorgeous curtains, and consider how you can make your space appear larger. Hang them floor to ceiling to create height!
  2. Brighten things up. Add light in different rooms to add warmth to the space. Bright lights can make a cramped room feel bigger.
  3. Area rugs. Adding another layer to the room can make it feel more sophisticated. It can also help define the space and add pops of color or texture. It’s artwork for the floor, what gets better than that?!
  4. Mix in bold colors. Feeling a little dull with the neutrals in your rented space? Go bold in small spaces! Try adding canvases to the walls, fun-colored coffee tables or even funky decorative pieces to liven up the rooms.
  5. Hang a mirror. A little trick I learned a few years ago is to place a mirror opposite to a window in the room. It will bounce light around a room, making the space feel fresh.
  6. Floating shelves. Floating shelves create tons of storage, yet adds a sleek and contemporary feel to the home. These floating shelves removes the need for other bulky furniture around the home.
  7. Make use of corners. This is so important and can transform the tiniest of spaces easily! Most people tend to overlook the corner of a room, but there are plenty of options to look into. You can place an accent chair or corner bookshelf, making the space more usable. Another favorite is to add a comfy chair to create a reading nook.
  8. Avoid over-sized furniture. Because small spaces are limited, buy what you need! A must in small-space living is to figure out your priorities. Make the space work for your living needs. Opt for smaller furniture that suits the space in order to achieve the same look without feeling crammed.
  9. ORGANIZATION! There are so many nifty things available for purchase to create a more organized look in your smaller spaces. Storage cubes can add not only a decorative look, but also remove any clutter hanging around. Rolling carts are also a super cute feature to add to your kitchen. It can help with storing larger appliances or even as a coffee station!

Anything we missed? Let us know!