Guess how many Starbucks are in Louisville? You’ll be surprised…

A city with a lot of love for coffee, Louisville has a number of different coffee shops scattered across the city, one of the more popular chains being Starbucks. Nestled in Shops of Forest Springs, the La Grange Road Starbucks has been a welcome addition to the rising number of franchises. RJ Thieneman has been happy to see this franchise experience such success in the community.

So how many Starbucks exist within Louisville? If you include all locations within Jefferson County–from airports to mall food courts to college campuses–the number currently stands at a surprising 41 Starbucks locations. If you include the outer portions of the Louisville-Metro area like New Albany and Crestwood, that number would increase to 46.

With the commercial success of Starbucks business model, it is no surprise that the chain has flourished in this part of the state. Beyond just investing in Kentucky communities, Starbucks has made recent efforts to invest more in coffee farmers and sustainability outside of the U.S. For more information regarding Starbucks’ business model and investment, click here